Here's just a small sampling of the projects that I have assisted with or been part of over the years.

Project Case Studies-2014

1) Working with a VAR providing technicians for a national Bank at 600 + locations to  help with the installation of Panini and SB500’s.

Move - Panini and SB500 scanners need to be moved from one PC within the branch to another PC within the same branch.

Install – Site does not have enough Paninis and/or SB500s. Install repurposed Panini and/or SB500. The new/repurposed Paninis and/or SB500s will be at the branch.  August 2014 start.

2) Working with IT Service provider providing resources for a national retailer. UPS Battery Refresh Project - Low Voltage technicians.

There are 2 types of stores:  8 KVA and 10 KVA - 8KVA stores  - 20 new batteries -  August 2014 start.

3) Break-Fix Onsite Repair (National)- Running  an average of 200 service calls per week at Bank locations across the country. Providing our customer with an average of 30 professionals on any given day working in the field throughout the country conducting service calls. These calls include installation of new equipment and repair of current equipment in place (Desktops, Laptops, Printers, & Servers)

4) Hardware Conversion (National):  Provided our customer with Field Technicians to install new hardware at new branches and converted branches from a recent merger. Provided professionals on a schedule that changes daily, four hour responses, and overnight responses.

5) PC Refresh (National): Provided A+ level professionals to deploy new computer related equipment  and data conversions at over 1,000 locations. Providing anywhere from 30-200  professionals each day the project is occurring.

6) Server Refresh  (National): Provided various levels of professionals based on the size of each of site to install new servers at over 300 sites across the country.

7) Server/Router Conversion-(National)- Provided support to 800 sites across the country. 75% of which is (North Carolina & South Carolina) and 25% nationally at various sites across the country. The level of professionals being provided are Network Engineers that have experience with changing an IP addresses, configuring routers, and resetting of Servers.

8) National PC Conversion-(National)- Currently providing 35 professionals at 17 different locations across the country. These are both Desktop level and Junior level support professionals across all time zones.

9) PC Conversion (National): Current supplying Desktop level professionals on same day, next day, and weekly response requests. The professional provided are performing data conversions and deployment of new computer related hardware. Have supplied professionals in 31 out of 50 states since the project started in March of 2013.

10)  Bank-Phase II Installation & Conversion-(Duration 4 Months):This project was a three phase project that covers over 700 Branches across the country which is in a combination of local and remote areas. The visits are described below:

11A) Visit 1: Router Installation: Providing Field Engineers to perform the installation of pre-configured Cisco Routers at each branch.

11B) Visit 2: IP Address Changes: Providing Field Technicians to arrive onsite at each branch to change Printer IP Addresses for each printer at all of the locations.

11C) Visit 3: Final Follow Up: All technicians that conducted the Visits listed above will return to their sites the following day to provide post support.

12) Bank Software Conversion (National):  Project Duration: 6 Months

Project Scope: The scope of this project was to provide Field Technicians to successfully complete a large scale bank conversion.

Our Role: This is a three phase project. Provided professionals at 1000 branches across the United States over three weekends. The total amount of professionals  provided once this project was completed exceeded 3,000 people. (Phase One-600), (Phase Two-1000) & (Phase Three- 1800)

 13) Financial Server Conversion (National):  Project Duration: 4 months

Our Role: Provided our customer with 30 Traveling Leads to work nationally for a period of (5) five months on a Server Conversion Project. Our Leads covered ten (10) different states and over 2,000 locations.

14 ) Pharmaceutical Hardware Refresh (National):  Project Duration: 1 year

Project Scope: The scope of this project was to rollout new computer related hardware (Desktops & Laptops) to locations across the country. This included remote users that worked from home.

Our Role: Provided 10 Desktop Level professionals working at six (6) locations across the United States to successfully complete this hardware conversion.

 15 ) }VAR providing services to First Niagara opens new branches with minimal glitches, bank says. CEO says phenomenal outcome a result of teamwork.

By Jonathan D. Epstein NEWS BUSINESS REPORTER Published:May 21, 2012, 9:12 PM

For the past nine months, executives of First Niagara Financial Group have said they were preparing for their biggest test ever. Monday, they appeared to pass with flying colors.

When the business day began, First Niagara opened more than 100 new branches -- which had been HSBC branches when they closed Friday -- and began serving half a million new customers across the state. Glitches, they said, were minimal.

"It was a phenomenal outcome," said First Niagara President and CEO John R. Koelmel. "I expect a lot of this team. They blew me away with how effectively they navigated what we had prepared for, as well as dealt with the string of nuances and challenges that you can't anticipate."

Officials said the offices, ATMs, online banking, direct deposits and automatic bill payments generally opened or kicked into operation on schedule, with only a couple of hundred customers across the state experiencing ATM delays.

"If anything, we were ahead of schedule all weekend long," Koelmel said.

A software issue, together with heavy call volume, held up some credit cards from being activated, and some debit cards didn't get to customers because the bank had wrong addresses.

But the bank quickly rerouted calls, fixed technical problems, lined up alternative solutions and rebated any fees customers incurred, either from First Niagara or other banks, if they had to use another bank's ATM.

"All in all, it was a home run," said Mark Rendulic, executive vice president of retail banking.

The computer system conversion, integration and reopening of the former HSBC branches marks a major accomplishment for Buffalo-based First Niagara, which has been battling doubts among consumers and investors about its ability to smoothly handle such a large transaction.

First Niagara boosted its call center staff from 200 to 350 and put them on duty throughout the weekend and late into Monday evening if needed. The bank also sent at least two "buddies" from its existing branches to each of the HSBC offices to assist for as long as six weeks if needed.

Meanwhile, the three banks that are buying other HSBC branches from First Niagara -- KeyCorp, Community Bank System and Financial Institutions' Five Star Bank -- are preparing for their own conversions.

Key will complete its purchase July 13 and convert over that weekend, followed by Community Bank a week later. Five Star will follow Aug. 17. Until then, officials said, customers at the affected branches will not see any changes and should continue banking with HSBC.

KeyBank is sending out its welcome letter this week, to reach households by Friday, and will send out more formal conversion kits June 13.

"That will pretty well lay out what the conversion process will look like for us, and what the steps and important actions they should expect and be prepared for [are]," said Gary Quenneville, president of the Western New York district for Key.

Community Bank will mail welcome packets in mid-June, outlining details of its conversion. "Our team is working closely with employees of both First Niagara and HSBC to ensure a smooth transition," said spokesman Hal Wentworth.

Five Star began official communications this month. "The feedback has been positive," said spokesman Shaun Seufert. "Each bank involved in each transition has been mutually supportive, and our employees have been working diligently to make certain each conversion takes place in a smooth and seamless manner."

First Niagara agreed last July 31 to pay $1 billion to acquire 195 HSBC branches in upstate New York and southeastern Connecticut. The branches included $15 billion in deposits, $2.8 billion in loans and $4.3 billion in brokerage assets under management. The deal also included more than 1 million accounts, more than 650,000 retail customers, more than 250,000 consumer credit card accounts and 1,900 employees.

First Niagara said it would keep half, closing 35 overlapping offices and selling 64 branches with $3.8 billion in deposits and $713 million in loans.

The deals were supposed to leave First Niagara with a gain of $11 billion in deposits and $2 billion in loans. However, the total volume of deposits and loans that were acquired, as well as the purchase price, were reduced slightly by a combination of customer attrition to other banks and errors.

Koelmel said some of the accounts that were included in the original $15 billion deposit estimate should have been excluded by HSBC because they were out-of-state or other business that was not tied to those branches.

The banks have also battled stiff competition from other banks seeking to steal customers.

As a result, the final sale included $14.5 billion in deposits, $2.2 billion in loans and more than $4 billion in brokerage and insurance assets under management. Of that, First Niagara is keeping $9.8 billion in deposits and $1.6 billion in loans in two states, while adding 1,200 employees in New York and Connecticut. First Niagara now has nearly 430 branches and 6,000 employees in four states.

The purchase price also fell, to just over $900 million, although that may be adjusted.

"We're incredibly proud to complete this transaction," Koelmel said. "We won't disappoint."