Why Spend On ITIL Service Management Training?

By Robert Norton

A year ago there was a promotional mail from the Director, a forwarded one, sent by an ITIL service management training company, suggesting us to enrol for the ITIL service management training program. My first instinct was to simply ignore the idea of spending anything on this training. As the department head, I had several aspects to take care of, and I wasn’t in any mood to make any budgetary allocations to ITIL Service Management Training.

But the subject of the accompanying letter with the promotional mail was strong enough to at least make me read the new material. It said ‘really urgent, check the details and discuss’. Though I had to admit to first thinking ‘what a sheer waste of time and money, why should we spend money on ITIL service management training?’

Going by the theory, I was still not completely convinced; after all ITIL service management training meant money, and I was not interested in any futile expenditure. But yes, the information offered so far was prudent enough for me to research further and while I was trying to gather as much info, I came across a few ITIL user names: Microsoft, IBM, and Barclays Bank. If these biggies have trusted ITIL with the management of their IT infrastructure and procedures, there is certainly something about the concept that demands attention. Interestingly, as I explored further around the subject, the search resulted in various case studies of organizations that were miserably struggling due to IT management chaos. However, a few intelligent companies from the group resorted to ITIL best practice and successful implementation of the same helped them gain what they really aspired for.

The information started me on my quest for ITIL service management training. Today, almost a year after that mail, when my organization has been on the training course and implemented ITIL in the workforce, therefore benefiting enormously from the ITIL philosophy and tools, I feel obliged to share my experience with the concept called ITIL, i.e. Information Technology Infrastructure Library.

In very crude terms, ITIL can be defined as the bible for managing information technology. It is basically a documentation outlining the best practices for IT service management. There are a series of books, which cover various IT management topics and assist all with IT infrastructure, development and operational nuances.

Coming over to the benefits of ITIL and thus ITIL service management training, was pretty straight forward once I understood the concept. ITIL works upon the management aspect of IT services and works upon the performance of an organization’s IT wing. In current operational circumstances, the pertinence of an efficient IT wing needs no elaboration. In fact, irrespective of the size of the business, no organization can afford to dream of progression without a sturdy IT mechanism to back it.

Once we had attended the ITIL service management training, how would we implement this into the workplace? Because we wanted a successful implementation. This part was not left to chance because our trainers provided us with the necessary information and fully prepared us. ITIL service management relies heavily upon ITIL training and it is a schema which depends upon the people of the workforce. A cultural change is desired, which can only be achieved by imparting ITIL service management training and education at requisite levels. Unless a clear understanding of the framework is communicated to all involved, the positives of ITIL service management training cannot rather be experienced. An overall approach is needed.

I am thankful that our Director had the foresight to forward the mail to us about ITIL service management training as the results have answered my doubts with respect to spending on ITIL service management training.

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