Why Outsourcing IT is more effective than in-house IT Management

On the verge of the biggest deal your company has ever seen, the team are working on the final draft of the proposal aiming to meet the 5pm deadline when the network unexpectedly crashes. The working day is thrown into a frenzy of people blaming one another and the inexperienced IT staff trying to fix a problem which they have never encountered. Everything will likely go downhill from here and the deal will probably be lost.

Had the IT systems been professionally outsourced it is more than likely the problem would never have risen due to proper network management. In the event that it did still occur, work would have been started before the sales team even noticed they cannot access the all important, deal clinching document. So instead of running around their HQ looking for IT Staff to shout at, the management can be safe in the knowledge that their IT is in order and start to think about the next deal in the pipeline.

In House IT Staff - The Problems

For the average company, a permanent IT staff member will cost between 16k and 28k per year. In most cases, a good IT Outsourcing company will provide much more and will probably end up requiring a much lower expenditure in the long run.

So how do they do this? They do this by having solid procedures and systems in place which are focused on offering professional and efficient IT services. Most IT outsourcing providers will have more resources at their disposal, use advanced technology and provide experienced engineers which will lead to your problems being resolved quickly.

Permanent IT staff will inevitably have a finite skill set which cannot possibly match that of the expert engineers provided by most IT Outsourcing companies. Supporting IT, particularly in larger organisations, requires in depth knowledge of the various technology platforms that make up the business IT Infrastructure. From email and networking to operating systems and firewalls, IT Outsourcing providers have knowledge of, and can professionally deliver them all.

The fact that your IT staff are forced to operate under the human restriction of only being able to be in any one place at a time can be a serious stumbling block when it comes to IT Management. Providers of Managed IT Services will typically use a platform which allows them to remotely access any part of any network and fix problems on the fly, even if the problem is spread across multiple PCs or devices.

So In house vs. Outsourced IT, how can I really decide?

It really comes down to 5 factors, which when used to judge each method individually, will produce the same result every time.

    • IT Expenditure
    • Speed of Issue Resolution
    • Times Covered
    • Resources/Technology available
    • Engineer Skill set

IT outsourcing providers are becoming better at what they do all the time, and will prove to be a worthy investment, regardless of company size and business sector.