What to look for in a "professional staffing agency"

IT Staffing SolutionsA "professional staffing agency" can be defined as a firm or agency that is engaged in the acquisition of professionals on behalf of their clients on temporary, flexible, or permanent basis. A professional staffing agency primarily looks upon to placing the best available candidate or professional with appropriate employers. Majority of professional staffing agencies also provide various add on programs that include providing insights into the current labor trends, local market activities and industry specific information that the client organization may be unable gather. Numerous professional staffing agencies that are spread around the globe are rendering important services in the field of staffing and recruitment. These professional staffing agencies in addition to generating huge revenues for themselves are also helping businesses to flourish worldwide by providing professional staff as per the need of their client organizations. An immediate access to the qualified talent is enabling organizations to be flexible, productive and in expanding their businesses globally. However, before going in for choosing a professional staffing agency, there are certain areas to be taken into account or looked into by the organization that is in need of right personnel for vacant job positions and these are:

1.Trust: Before hiring a professional staffing firm, the organization must observe the testimonials of the concerned staffing agency before placing a trust on it. The number of years of experience that the staffing agency is having in the field of professional recruitment, how it had helped local employers in managing their workforce for special projects, short-term assignments and long-term employment plays an important role in building a trust on the staffing firm.

2.Agility: Another way to look into the concerned staffing agency is about its flexibility and ability to fill large number of positions quickly and efficiently. Whether the agency is locally owned and operated without any overheads and lethargy or bureaucracy of local companies should be looked into.

3.Reputation of the agency: The other factor to be considered is about the reputation of the professional staffing agency. A good reputation and respect will not only help the organization in entering into a partnership agreement with the concerned staffing agency but it will also help in attracting the best talent into its' recruitment stream.

4.Using innovative technologies: The available technologies at the disposal of the professional staffing agency must be able to understand the recruitment process and recommend solutions for the specific staffing and project needs of the client organization.

As a leader in the staffing industry Talent Logic is committed to connect companies with influential, highly motivated and qualified talent around the world that will help to enhance a company's productivity and specializing in the placement of full-time and temporary professionals in accounting staffing, financial staffing, engineering staffing, IT staffing, legal staffing and Scientific staffing. Talent Logic has a well developed search and match process designed to spot engineers with the right set of qualification, expertise and experience and specialize in locating and placing technical, personnel and qualified engineers who are seeking employment with clients seeking specific personnel.

Talent Logic specializes in providing human resources support to the scientific and biotechnology marketplace and provides a broad range of scientific candidates; from bench-level technicians to Ph.D. level senior scientists and from associate scientists to consultants.

Having duly certified processes such as ISO 9001:2000, professional talent databases etc. would be an ideal resources for a professional staffing agency.

These are areas that an organization should look before hiring a professional staffing agency.


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