What Makes PC Run Slow And How To increase the speed of your computer?

SmartSource Technical Staffing SolutionYou have much space available in your PC hard disk. You have the latest available capacity of SDRAM installed in your PC. You have all the unnecessary programs deleted. You make systematically use of your partition of the hard disk. You have kept an external hard disk to store all the movies, videos and the songs. But even then you might feel that you are working on a slow PC. What went wrong? Apart from space and memory there are more factors that affect the speed of the PC’s. It is the way the information stored in the hard disk and the registry of the PC. Also are the virus and the spy ware programs that harm the internal process of the PC’s.

Every time we work on the PC we save some files that we need. There are millions of empty blocks in the hard disk where data is stored. As you save more files the blocks space between data stored in file increases. Also as you delete the files the blocks in between becomes empty. This scattered data many times can slow down the PC. Fragmentation of the hard disk re-arranges the data in the blocks and also removes any error in the blocks improving speed of the slow PC.

Registry keeps the track of all the software in your PC. Every time you run particular software or boot your PC registry is referred. We download many programs, software and games from the Internet. When we do not need them we just delete the folder where they are stored. But what about the entries made in the registry? How do we delete them?

Finally after a long time the registry gets loaded with numerous entries wanted, unwanted, corrupted and so on. This makes a huge effect on the working of your PC. So always delete the software using the uninstall option from the control panel- Add/Remove Programs. One can also go for registry cleaners once in a month or two. This will maximize the working speed of your slow PC.

There are many web sites which are unreliable. Especially those who allow free download for any software or games. The virus gets silently downloaded into your PC without your knowledge. These viruses can do damage to the system to any extend. Installing antivirus and always downloading from a trusted site is the best thing to protect your system from becoming a slow PC.

Try these things to see the difference in performance of your system.

1. Use a self diagnostic registry cleaner-  Corrupt registry, problem in temp files, unused software applications, inadequate hardware configuration are some of the factors that actually slows down your system. A self diagnostic program can lead you to the core of your systems speed crisis.

2.  Run a spyware sweep- Spyware programs are major problem that a slow PC needs to deal with to improve its speed. They not only hamper your systems performance in terms of speed but also collect your personal information when you browse internet. They distribute it to many unknown advertisers on internet.

3.  Update your antivirus and antimalware program regularly- like spyware programs virus and malware programs can also be too troublesome for your PC. No doubt, they turn your computer into a Slow PC but they also use your resources to generate popup ads and also to send spams. Regular virus scans and maintenance of your system can help you to maintain the maximum speed for your computer.

4. Upgrade RAM- Sometimes your computer is not able to run at its maximum speed because of inadequate memory space. Increasing RAM can help you in this case. Multitasking needs lot of programs to be loaded in RAM and insufficient RAM makes it difficult for your computer to work faster.

Slow PC can really be a nuisance if you are really looking upon your computer to finish your important tasks as soon as possible. But few simple things like those mentioned above will always keep your system running at its highest speed.

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