What is Service Contract Management

By Paul Jacobs

Service contract management is the process of management of contracts between the supplier and the vendors, customers or employees. It includes all the negotiation terms, any specific conditions and an agreement that changes may occur during execution. It is a legal document.

Most of the companies work on standard contracts but then they do have to be modified according to the negotiation terms. Managing contracts is one of the best possible ways for service management as then you have everything documented, which ensures that the other party cannot deny anything. Service level agreements (SLA) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)are also set once the contact is ready and signed by both sides, for service management of the vendor and to let him know what services are expected from him.

Although majority of contracts all over the world are managed manually but with the advent of technology and increases usage of internet, there are softwares available to help you through the service contract management process. These softwares look after each step from contact creation, negotiation of terms to the renewal of contract upon expiration. Most of them have standard contract templates that can be modified as per the specific needs and requirements.

One of the most important factors for the sucessof contract management is to have efficient management procedures. It helps you to choose the best providers out of the plethora of options and helps to put your requirements in a better way. These procedures ensure that you get the services as mentioned in the contract. They also ensure that you get what you pay for. They help in alterations, if needed and have provisions for the introduction of these changes to the contacts.

The contract management procedures help to solve problems regarding the operation of the contract. They come handy while resolving disputes. It enhances the corporate relation between the supplier and service provider making path for new relations in the future.

It is always advisable to hire a contract management consultant for all the legal advice to avoid any hassles later. Before hiring a consultant you must be clear in your vision that what exactly you want from him. You need to have a consultancy specification which is a one or two page document containing the details of the business, consultancy time period, the place etc.

Then you can contact a few agencies with your specifications to get an idea about the pricing. They will recommend a few resumes. Go through them and interview the ones you find suitable. Make sure the candidate has the required skills and experience and if he can adjust in your working environment. If yes, you can sign a contract with him as well.

Service call scheduling is another major aspect one cannot neglect. It may be so that you are not happy with the services of the supplier or you might encounter some problem during the services. In such situation you can place a service call to seek help from the vendor.

The other party must have a sound Service call scheduling system. One can improve the system by following a few steps in general. To begin with, the calls must be scheduled before or after lunch. This gives the technician flexibility to work. The complex call must be attended to with priority. This ensures better services. Lastly, the schedules must be dispatched under the guidance of a manger. A centralized manager can schedule the calls more efficiently. He must be aware of the staff skills. In case of a urgent call he can ask a technician closer to the client to attend the call.

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