Unilink And Burroughs Collaborating To Deliver Top Quality Financial Services Equipment

For modern businesses, speed is imperative. Products that can help to increase their cost-efficiency and decrease processing times are the foundation of a successful business management. The Manufacturers and distributors of the innovative hardware that provide these key operational functions act as the ideal partners for many of today's most progressive companies.

Serving over 1000 customers in all fifty states, UniLink has developed a long-standing reputation for excellence thanks to their 22-year long history of providing the most cost-efficient and innovative business solutions to their clients. They have solidified their brand in the industry by offering an exceptionally wide variety of products related to the financial services industry. The UniLink product line includes check scanners, financial printers, signature pads and other solutions designed by the top manufacturers around the world with today's most forward-thinking companies in mind.

As an authorized service center for Burroughs, UniLink is a recognized leader in the industry. The close business relationship between UniLink and Burroughs, which has spanned 22 years, ensures that the two companies work together to provide clients with the highest quality products this industry has to offer. Burroughs' catalogue of first-class products includes all items one would associate with high-class business professionalism. Over the company's 100-year history, technology manufactured by Burroughs has reached the apex of the financial services industry by delivering proven, streamlined results to thousands of satisfied customers across the world.

UniLink offers a plethora of Burroughs' most widely sought after products to help top companies achieve streamlined business operations and optimize performance for fine-tuned delivery of top class services. Take for example, the innovative Burroughs Payment Systems EF375 impact teller printer designed to provide the user with the ultimate levels of flexibility and efficiency for high quality usage. These specially designed payment systems printers are created from a crucial combination of the highest quality engineering design features and the most rugged building materials. Leveraging their extensive background work in check imaging, Burroughs has created the EF375 impact printer to allow for industry-leading 99.9% check reading accuracy levels.

Consider also the Burroughs SmartSource Professional Series Check Scanners which offer the industry one of the most reliable and cost effective Branch Capture options today. With several models ranging in speeds from 30 dpm [documents per minute] to 120 dpm, customers have a viable solution for front counter capture or back counter capture. UniLink also has the ability to provide Burroughs Payment Systems customers a resource for ordering of supply items as well.

When today's top businesses require cost-efficient machinery that can deliver results in a high-volume environment, they can trust the technology offered by Burroughs. The Burroughs SmartSource Adaptive  is unique in that it offers customers the reliability of industry leading technology for not only check scanning  but that same technology is applied to document imaging providing customers with one scanner to fill their imaging needs. This industry-leading machine ensures optimal delivery and service in tight workspace environments.

In addition to their long-standing relationship with Burroughs, UniLink has forged working relationships with a host of top names in the industry, including Canon, Epson, Craden, Panini and Pertech to name just a few.

Take advantage of UniLink's outstanding offers on Burroughs' exceptional equipment, by simply contacting the company today, and find out how the latest innovations within the financial services industry can quickly save your company time, money and optimize the performance of your organization.

About UniLink:

UniLink Inc. is the leading provider of financial printing equipment. Thanks to a partnership with the leading manufacturers in the industry, UniLink is now ideally positioned to provide businesses of varying sizes with innovative hardware that will directly meet their distinct operational requirements. For more information, please visit Unilinkinc.

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