The Importance Of C In CRM

 The goal of CRM is to strengthen the lengthy term growth and of course profitability by having a considerably far more superior understanding of the consumer behavior. And although CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management there is certainly no question that the C in CRM is significantly more important for it's Customer. Far too many companies make the mistake of utilizing CRM to focus on Consumer Acquisition Management which entails moving potential and existing customers through the marketing and sales process which of course an important part of CRM a beginning step but there's plenty more that you can get from your CRM software.

Recent studies show that fewer than 60% of consumers are happy with the customer service they've received and that's dropped a whopping 20% in just a couple of years. That  means during a time when consumers are demanding more companies in providing less. It also means that with the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software you could become one of the great statistics and very quickly I could add.

The key to good customer service is to combine the power of software, technology, and human abilities to provide a holistic approach with all of the best elements of customer service.

This concept is all about collaboration by bringing a variety of elements together into a cohesive program that will ultimately enhance the bottom line. As we've all heard at some point in our life "the sum is greater than its parts" and the combining of all these CRM separate pieces into one superb program certainly proves just that.

Utilized CRM to collaborate means that your customer requests are handled not only by the help desk, they are also helped by the service department, parts department, sales department, and accounting department. But wait there's more! marketing gets an opportunity to sell to the customer introducing them to other similar products they might enjoy or expansions or the existing product. This really is the full meal deal or so often fondly referred to as the holistic approach. Let's break it down a little better for understanding.

1. Customer Centric Strategies: these are models that are modeled around the customer. It's the center of the wheel with the spokes going out from there.

2. Shared Knowledge Base: A searchable structured database which can be used to new plans, organize existing data, and build a rational database about all kinds of things relating to your customer, their purchases, what they are to build, and the list goes on.

3. Self Service:When taken to its full capacity CRM software can be to add a degree of self service to your service.They can create new service tickets, check on balances, check on repair dates or back orders, and a host of other services.

4. Roll Based Experience" A great way to create easy to use dashboards for reports to manager's at all different levels so whether a report for hiring or a report for next season's lines the information is at your fingertips.

5. Business Intelligence is definitely where the executives are interested in pulling data for this is where the big decisions are made about expenditures, next seasons orders, how to tighten up spending, and a host of other information and CRM reporting will provide just what's needed.

Any business serious about becoming successful in the marketplace knows that customer service has become more important than ever and that CRM just makes great sense. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software is one of those packages that are worth considering because it's flexible and affordable.

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