Synopsis Of Ccnp Certification By Cisco

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification is a much valued credential for any IT professional. It is basically a professional level Cisco networking certification that ascertains an individual's good knowledge and skills in the networking and troubleshooting fields. They are capable enough to install and configure LANs (Local Area Networks) and WANs (Wide Area Networks) for small as well as large organizations that comprise of networks from 100 – 500 nodes. Also, the CCNP certification covers such vital networking concepts and several specialized subjects like virtual private networks (VPN), broadband technologies, quality of service (QoS), converged networks and security. CCNP certification has a prerequisite in the form of CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification.

Only recently, there was a slight alteration in the CCNP certification system with the Composite exam being introduced. CCNP certification exam generally has a four exam and a three exam path. A CCNP certification is valid only up to three years. A candidate, who is interested in keeping his CCNP certification active, will have to recertify himself by taking certain professional level Cisco exams.

A CCNP certification is apt for those who boast of at least a years networking experience and want to notch up their skills and expand their work horizon by working on advanced network solutions independently. Those who acquire CCNP certification will have shown their skills that are are crucial to roles in enterprises like that of a support engineer, network technician, network engineer or systems engineer.

A CCNP certification is highly valued and recognized by most reputed IT employers. It gives an IT professional an additional edge over the other non CCNP certified individuals.

It isn't easy to clear a CCNP certification; it requires a lot of hard work and thorough understanding of every concept. Mere mugging up of concepts won't get you through all the exams. The fact that this exam is so tough to crack, adds to its value and credibility. An IT employer can take it for granted that a CCNP professional is an expert at networking and troubleshooting skills and has immense knowledge about related specialized fields.

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