Staffing Solutions That Work For Your Business

IT Technical StaffingSelecting an appropriate staffing service depends on your business.  Each business will have different staffing solution needs and there are a number of different staffing solutions to choose from. Different kinds of staffing solutions include the following:

1. Temporary staffing solutions

Certain staffing agencies provide temporary staffing services for short-term business needs.  These agencies place employees on a short-term basis to fulfill ad hoc staffing requirements; as an example in the extended absence of permanent staff or for certain projects that require additional staffing for a short period of time.

These types of staffing services allow businesses to meet short-term needs without having to go through lengthy selection processes and the associated overheads.  Temporary staffing solutions are cost effective because businesses only pay for time worked.

2.  Temp-to Perm staffing solutions

Often businesses need permanent staffing solutions, but are uneasy about hiring people upfront.  In these cases, temp-to-perm staffing solutions allow businesses to evaluate candidates on a temporary basis before they decide to make them permanent employees.

These staffing solutions are far more cost effective than running the risk of hiring the wrong person for the job, which ultimately costs the business.

3.  Contract staffing solutions

In certain industries there is a requirement for staffing solutions that place staff on a project-by-project basis or on contract.  The employment period is specified and may or may not be renewed based on the project's progress.

Due to the specific nature of projects, these industries prefer not to employ permanent staff and will more commonly use contract staffing services.

4.  Permanent staffing solutions

As the name suggests, these staffing solutions are based on finding permanent employees for the business.  There will be certain positions or vacancies that do not allow for any of the other staffing solutions e.g. more senior and executive staff that are usually currently permanently employed.

Permanent staffing solutions are usually more expensive that the other types of staffing solutions, but it all depends on the business requirements and more importantly it depends on the availability of certain candidates through the other staffing solution channels.

You may use a combination of these staffing services.  It will all depend on the requirements of your business.

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