Review Of Cisco IP Phones

By Kevin Whales

The term "soft phone" is a relatively new one being tossed about these days by VoIP-users and refers to client-side software that turns a desktop PC into an IP-based phone. Generally they are easy to install and use and offer effective integration with popular applications, such as Microsoft Outlook and give users the flexibility in how and when they receive and answer their calls. Let's take a look at some of the most popular soft phones being offered by one of the IP phone systems leaders - CISCO.

Cisco provides a complete range of communications devices designed to take full advantage of the power of an individual's converged voice and data network, while offering the convenience and user-friendliness usually expected from a business phone. Cisco Unified IP phones help improve productivity by meeting the needs of different user-organizations; from the main lobby to the busiest manager's desk, from the manufacturing floor to the executive suite, as well as users at home, on the road, or in the branch office.

Cisco IP phones provide LCD displays, including dynamic softkeys for call features and functions, support for information services (including Extensible Markup Language capabilities), the ability to customize XML-based services to provide users with access to a variety of information such as stock quotes, employee directories, or any other Web-based content.

The Cisco IP Phone 7940 addresses the communication needs of a transaction type worker. It provides two programmable line and feature keys, plus a high quality speakerphone. The Cisco IP Phone 7940 also has four dynamic soft keys that guide users through call features and functions. Built-in headset port and integrated Ethernet Switch are standard with the Cisco IP Phone 7940. Also includes audio controls for full duplex speakerphone, handset and headset. The IP Phone 7940 also features a large, pixel-based LCD display. The display provides features such as date and time, calling party name, calling party number, and digits dialed.

The Cisco IP Phone 7960G is designed to meet the communication needs of professional workers in enclosed office environments-employees who experience a high amount of phone traffic in the course of a business day. This IP phone supports access to multiple telephone lines (or a combination of lines and direct access to telephony features) and includes high-quality, hands-free speakerphone capability and built-in headset connectivity. A large pixel-based display provides supplemental information, access to applications, and makes it easy to use telephone features.

The 4612 IP phone operates on your Internet Protocol (IP) voice network, This stylish phone incorporates a number of convenient features, such as a built-in headset jack, message waiting indicator, easily readable displays, hearing aid compatibility, NetMeeting compatibility, multiple programmable feature keys and display navigation keys.

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