Let's learn the booming word in the world of careers ---"Human Resource Management"

With today's workforce becoming increasingly diverse and organizations doing more to maximize the benefits of different employees the human resource managers are evolving from old school side line to front line fighters. People have always been the central point of the organizations but their strategic significance is growing in today's knowledge-based business world like never before. An organization has to be able to do a good job of managing their human capital; the knowledge, skills and capabilities that add value to the organization should be tapped and utilized to maxim. Such a strategic approach once adopted by any organization, nothing can stop the success of it. When employee's talents are rare, difficult to imminate and organize, an organization can achieve a sustained competitive advantage. Managers must develop methods for identifying, recruiting and hiring the best talent available. Growing and polishing these individuals in ways that are specific to the needs of their individual firms, encourage them to generate new ideas, invite information sharing while familarising them to company's strategies and rewarding collaboration & teamwork are some of the aspects of Human resource management.

One of the management theory depitcs various human needs for keeping them alive and motivated. In this concept the need of high self esteem is placed on top followed by basic necessities like food,clothing, house and education. The self esteem of any human is made basis the recognition and appreciation of the society it belongs isn't it? Recognition in organizational context would mean a good monetary return of the efforts invested by resources. Compensation must reward employees for past performance while serving as motivation tool for future performances. Performance measures should be quantifiable, easily understood and bear a demonstrated relationship to organizational goals and accomplishments.

Many organization see performance appraisal as necessary evil as managers dislike playing the role of judge and as a result appraisals are conducted annually for good or evil and forgot about.

But the core of human resource management remains in identifying right kind of people. The interview by HR manager is an important resource of information about the job applicant . Be it any technique chosen for the purpose of interview, the proper trainings should be given to interviewers which helps an HR manager for making a knowledge decision about which applicant would fulfill the needs of the organization.

Today organizational operations cover broad areas and requires continous training for effective job performance, evolution in product areas and corporate growth. Managers must establish contexts for need based trainings which would help to connect with strategic goals of the organization.

To enhance economic development state constructs roads, buildings, bridges, power houses, hospitals etc and to run these units doctors,engineers,scientists are required, HR development process can be similarly perceived. Human resources are essential to develop and operate various functions of the organizations.

Human resource developments contributes drastic changes to the socio economoic life of the people. Overall appearance changes, thinking phenomena changes and progressive thoughts are endorsed in the minds of people.