It Service Management Can Help Businesses Grow

By Adrianna Notton An IT company can no longer rely on just producing high-quality products. To ensure success in the business world, that is relying more and more on information technology, they have to form a strong relationship with their clients. IT service management can play a significant role in doing so, but it is no longer enough just to supply online support.

Most businesses that are involved in IT these days will offer a client a comprehensive support system. This usually includes system administration and the overseeing of any processes involved. It is common for ITIL, Information Technology Infrastructure Library, to play a major role in any system that is used. It is seen as the benchmark tool with regard to IT processes and procedures. Over the years it has grown into the methodology most followed by businesses that offer comprehensive managed services.

Though this infrastructure library comprises of seven individual modules that are capable of working alone, or as an integrated system, ITSM usually concentrates on just three of these core modules. These relate to delivery and support of services, and security management. Of course it is possible that businesses do need aspects of the other modules that are available within the library. These include infrastructure and application management. Altogether, the seven modules relate to all the best practices required within the industry.

The complexity associated with any IT environment is extremely high, as it is normally formed from a number of layers. These layers relate to the individual business needs, each requiring a different function. The role of a well managed system is to not only support these functions, but create some form of integration between them.

To be able to manage such a complex environment successfully, the system has to be structured extremely carefully, in order to prevent conflicts. The structure that the system is built upon relies heavily upon the concepts provided by methodologies such as ITIL. These concepts need to have a high degree of flexibility due to ITSM needing to adapt to the different business requirements they have to support.

Every business depends on using the best practices within any given procedure. In order to achieve the system that is adopted to create the foundations of this structure has to be of a very high standard. It is necessary that the processes that are adopted by ITSM are able to work across all the aspects of financial and business control.

Systems and business management rely heavily on each other making the best use of high quality systems. In order for these to develop, and to become more efficient, they require an IT system that integrates well into the business. Quality controls have to be put in place within the management structures to ensure that everything functions perfectly. However, continual development is required for a business to grow, so modern businesses need to have change procedures built within their management toolset.

IT governance supports an organization's processes, procedures, and best practices. It brings innovative concepts and procedures to allow businesses or organizations to gain a great advantage over their competitors. It is regarded, within the industry, as a science as it plays a major role in the development of how businesses will make use of information technology in the future.

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