Cisco Certification – A Strong Value

With so many different types of certifications out there covering pretty much every piece of software available, it can sometimes be hard to determine what certifications would be valuable for you to obtain and which other ones wouldn’t have the extreme pull you are looking for.  Out of all of those available, many IT professionals view a Cisco certification as one of the most valued and respected certifications available in the information technology world.  So if you are undecided, Cisco certification may be worth taking a second look at. Or if you have already decided to take this one on, you are on your way to an extremely valuable and rewarding credential.

When you add a Cisco certification to your skill set, it will first benefit you by helping to change your work flow.  By furthering your knowledge base, you will have a better understanding of what you are doing and be able to work more expeditiously.  Further, you will know your way around the software better than most, which will often allow you to find the quickest and most efficient means for you to accomplish your tasks.  But it doesn’t simply end with personal productivity levels and knowing all there is to know about Cisco systems.

It has been proven that employees with a Cisco certification are amongst some of the highest paid professionals in the information technology world.  With regard to networking professionals, those who hold a Cisco certification have the potential to earn an average salary of $67,000 per year.  It has even been found that many employers will give a raise to a staff member each time that individual acquires a certification that is considered to be of value to the business.  As a Cisco certification is considered to be one of the most widely respected and recognized names out there for a variety of businesses, these credentials are often worth a premium that some other certifications do not bring to your paycheck.  It has been reported that salary increases for Cisco certified personnel are sometimes upwards of 16% and in this economic climate, who wouldn’t like to have an opportunity to have an extra chunk of change added to the end of their paycheck?

You will also become more of a valuable asset, both to your employer and the end user. Due to the professional nature of both Cisco software and those who hold a Cisco certification, it helps build credibility and open communication with the end customers that you service.  Aside from your customers, though, the company you work for or hope to work for in the future, will perceive you as a being an even more valuable business asset than ever before.

So, if you have contemplated adding a Cisco credential after your name, keep in mind that it does have a perceived and very real value. Whether you are interested in obtaining your Cisco CCNA, CCNP, or even your Cisco CCVP certification you will be on right on track towards  taking your career to a new and higher level.

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