Choosing a Local Staffing Services Company?

Scott Nash IT StaffingWhen you want to buy something that is a day-to-day thing for your home, would you prefer to buy it from a local shop or would you take the long route to that exotic mall, 50 kms away from your home?  Near is dear, right?  Because when you have an issue with what you purchased, you can just walk-in and ask for a replacement or support.  It is the same thing when it comes to choosing your staffing company. Whom you choose as your staffing company can have a large impact on the fabric of your organization and its working style. While there is no disputing the fact that whoever sources your employees, having the right employees with the right skills and experience is what matters, when you think through situations, you will agree that a local staffing services company can add value to your work.  In fact with the right choice of vendor you'll experience profitability and growth, in the shortest possible timeline. How can a local staffing partner add so much value? What are the points to consider?

Do they understand local issues?

All staffing partners will help you recruit, screen, test, interview, and perform background checks.  The pre-employment process can be efficient and profitable when a staffing partner adds those little local flavors to these steps.  The candidates feel comfortable and your staffing partner can provide a one-on-one report to you on the right fit, because they know the local business and the market much better.

Do they have a decision making team, locally?

A local staffing services company will have a management team that can take quick decisions on special requests from you and than can cut your lead times for replacements tremendously.

Do they have recruiters, based out of the local town/city?

This is a big plus, because local recruiters are more likely to be networked better than those outside the geographical area and their knowledge will determine how long it will take for your positions to be filled.

 Do they participate in their local communities?

This will be an indication of their operational and financial strength.  Participation in their local communities or packaging credible CSR programs, or even investing in the long-term training needs of their employees, indicates that the staffing services company has invested in its people and communities with the singular purpose of  creating a better place to live and work.

The good will generated can make a difference to the quality of candidates who opt to work with them, and in turn a better pool of candidates for potential clients.  Choosing a local staffing services company like SmartSource over multi-nationals can have a positive impact on your talent management outsourcing

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