CCIE Security Professionals-why So Highly Demanded?

With time the importance of hardware networking security has changed drastically, now it's impossible for large companies to function if their networks or systems break down or are hacked. As more and more business units are modernizing their functioning style i.e. using computers and internet, the demand for qualified network security professionals is seriously high. Certified IT professionals are in great demand allover the world.

Cisco's legendary CCIE is one of the most valued certifications in IT field. From the time it started in 1993 to present it has been of one of the highest paying certification. It has been so famous since its inception because, it was the only prominent IT certification that tested practical skills, in addition to the book knowledge that all of the other certificates tested. As the passing rate has always been very low, there are very few proud CCIE certificate holders across the globe.

Here are the main reasons why CCIE professionals are so much in demand?

Cisco equipments used allover the world

Cisco is one of the biggest IT companies in the world, that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment. Its equipments are used all over the world by top multinational corps as well as households. CCIE professionals are capable of troubleshooting, configuring and enforcing the solutions of Cisco networking security. CCIE security professionals have in-depth knowledge of protecting the networks through advance gadgets. The course curriculum includes learning how to protect the systems from viruses before they occur. It also includes learning about the advance networking technology to protect networks from viruses and access the resources.

Cisco's courses are updated from time to time

The only certain thing about IT field is change, new technology is introduced in the market everyday. To keep in pace with the change, Cisco continually updates and revises its testing tools, courses and methodologies to ensure that candidates get the most relevant and useful knowledge to be successful in the  industry. With time Cisco has even introduced some new paths to specialize.

Industry ready professionals with Cisco support

Candidates need to have both practical as well as theoretical knowledge to pass CCIE lab and written test. Candidates who have achieved CCIE are industry ready professionals, further training is not required. Getting Cisco CCIE security is like doing PhD in Cisco security products. CCIE professional not only posses the most extensive knowledge in networking, but also have CCIE level support with Cisco. When a CCIE calls Cisco for support, Cisco knows it's probably serious and they immediately send support.

Low passing rate

Every year among total number of candidates, who give CCIE security exam, less than 8% manage to pass. Today only 3% of all certified Cisco professionals are CCIE certification holders and they constitute are less than 1% of the networking professionals worldwide.

We could see a number of reasons, why Cisco professionals are so highly demanded. If you are already in networking field, then achieving CCIE security will be a milestone, it will bring new highs in your professional as well as personal life. 

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