“Scott has always been a top notch project manager during the times that I have
worked for him. Always provides the most information to ensure that there are no
questions in order to accomplish the install for the client.”

- Samuel Buchanan; IT Specialist, Smart Source Inc.

“I have worked with Scott for a number of years and find him to be a great resource
and a great friend. I call him the perfect combination.”

- Kenn Jones; Sales Representative at Southwestern Industries, Inc.

“Scott is my go-to business partner; we have closed dozens of service deals
together. Always a pleasure to work with… He does more than any other service
partner I have ever worked with… His follow through is first-class… Responsiveness
is his middle name. He knows how to land and keep customers… I highly
recommend him. Always on top of his game; other sales people could learn a lot from
this guy.”

- Elliot Shear; Business Development Visionary

“When I started at Equus in ’95, Scott was the rockstar sales person. He was the one
to beat and had no peers. Scott set every benchmark for sales performance and
served as a mentor to the other salespeople. Scott was consistently able to move
$500,000 of computer parts and systems through his channel resellers each and every
month. His efforts took our Chicago office from a start-up to the third largest branch
in the company.”

- Marko Mladenovich, Sr Account Manager, Equus Computer Systems